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a b o u t

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Hi, my name is Arturo Magaña. I am an LA based music producer that has been a part of the local underground club scene for the past 10 years. 

Being an artist is challenging, but exponentially rewarding. My projects have so far taken me to places I could not have dreamed of. I’ve shared stages with some of my favorite artists, traveled to amazing cities and have performed for great people. I’m lucky, I know. But I also work hard for it. Very hard. 

Besides pursuing my undying passion, I am also a special events industry professional with over 15 years of experience in upper management. I’ve operated catering companies, restaurants, hotels, valet companies, venues and have always worked closely with trend setting event coordinators and event planners. 

As you’ll hear in my mixes, I love all types of music and have had the pleasure of spinning at weddings, corporate holiday parties, high school reunions, launch parties and pop-up restaurants. 

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Check out my EP under my artist name "Ñ" for Brooklyn's Feel Up Records!